Black Moth Super Rainbow at Skully's

Again for the first time i got to go see BMSR at skullys. they totally delivered, lots of oddball visuals, little interaction with the crowd as expected, weirdo sounds and great tunes, packed crowd, bubbles, hippies, and everything in between. my fav song off the new album

Negative Approach at Ace of Cups

Got to see the classic hardcore band Negative Approach for the first time ever at ace of cups. the openers were crust HC band from Dayton dogfight and local faves Absolute magnitude. both put on a great show i was especially fond of the Abs Mag set. NA killed it of course my only wish was that there were more people there.

Energy Drink Collection

So i finally had to get rid of my energy drink collection. it had run its course and i needed the shelf space and i practically have drank every type of energy drink that you can purchase in the midwest. Plus i had some from all over, austria, australia, thailand, mexico and several states. Conclusions drawn from this experiment: 1)most energy drinks suck and taste bad 2)the juice ones all are horrible 3)the shots can be unpredictable as far as potency is concerned 4)the coffee ones are all good 5) most energy drinks are made the same just the names and lables are different to gear towards a target demographic 6) I should be formulating these things, they are easy to cook up. Here is the last picture i took of the collection before being recycled. I lost count at 300, currently i'm a fan of the Monster rehab series. My favorite is the tea-lemonade flavor, they pretty much nailed it. no sugar, 10 calories, caffeine to pick you up and quercetin as an anti-oxidantand and it tastes great.

Tragedy at Carabar

Got to see Tragedy at carabar a few months back and it was amazing. I've never gotten to see them so i was stoked. tons of crusty punks everywhere, by the end of the night the place stunk of B.O. and firecrackers. But it was super fun, the crowd and pit ruled and got to hang out with some homies. The openers where great too NukeHammer and Struck by Lightning killed it as always. The new Tragedy album 'Darker Days Ahead' is great also.

Converge at the grog shop

Late post but still, been slacking with the posts due to work and a crazy busy year overall. Got to see converge at the grog shop in cleveland. Went up there with a solid crew and raged the night away. Loma prieta from SF was great, super fast loud and spazzy. Ringworm was awesome as always, a Cleveland staple of punk. Converged rocked it. It's been several years since the last time I've gotten to see them so it was fun.

Kinetic rain

The End of the Ocean

I got to see these guys at Carabar a few weeks ago and they are probably one of my favorite new bands in town.

Triceratops' last show

Tops' last show, so bummed i was sick and had to miss it.
solid dudes that know how to have a good time, at least i got a shirt and 7 inch coming my way.

Tilt Shift

A Day in California from Ryan Killackey on Vimeo.

Coliseum, Sweet Cobra, Struck by Lightning

Got to see a great show at carabar last month, coliseum, sweet cobra and local heroes struck by lightning. ive seen coliseum before and they ruled again, sweet cobra was great and really nice guys. struck by lighting by far the best, the crowd went nuts they raged and they are super cool dudes, cant wait to see them again.